Saturday, April 07, 2012


Time to pull myself together and check in.

~~~Yikes, has it been that long since I blogged?

Enjoying the return to Oregon and settling in, seemingly forever, takes my time.

There hasn't been a lot of progress except the usual simple knitting and fun with paper art. All old news that I seem to recycle on this blog all the time!

I have been enjoying the spring flowers...My neighbor has such pretty purple crocus, but now the deer have nibbled them off. Truly, I bet the deer think they were put there just for them.

When we see the little fawns with those mommy deer, we will forgive those nibbles.

Watercolors on a lightly inked stamped image was a nice project.

It looks like spring!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October in Bend, OR

Such a beautiful spot!

We are here in Oregon, at last.

~~Enjoying the fall colors and crisp air. Still nice enough most days to read the paper, or eat outside. The wind is the only seasonal drawback.

The cats love it, except for the wind! They reside in their pen when they go out to watch the critters.

Ongoing paper art, knitting and being too lazy, to get to sewing. However...this is a must do task!

Our local area knit and crochet artists completed 125 black and red scarves for the 503 High Desert Special Olympics athletes, so we are pretty happy with our efforts.

It will be fun to see them as they enjoy the winter activities, staying warm.

New project:

Knitting Christmas color hats for kids, and to make hats for the homeless folks.

Anyone reading this, make shares for your area...or tell me and we can use them here.

The cold fall, brings wonderful colors to Russian Thistles. If you get close, you will see all sorts of beautiful heather toned hues!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Winter, and I am dragging in, to say Hello!

The Come Back Kid, always dragging in, after a long hiatus!

Keeping busy with "doodling." The pear shape is a stamp I made.
The doodles are to share with friends.

We have had some interesting times here at our winter is cold but there are no bragging rites for us compared to the wads of snow, other places have had. It has been actually freezing, in Mesa, that is quite different for here.

Something new for me is an Oregon Stamper's group I started, because soon we will be back in OR permanently. I know it will be great. Oregon is truly beautiful!
Take a look here:

It is a stress to be thinking of the move, but what fun when the boxes are unpacked and we start a "new life."
Actually back to enjoying Central Oregon!
We are native Oregonians.

As usual I have been knitting.
My new invention is Big -Foot Slippers, which I will share with family and donate to the families at Ronald McDonald House in Bend, OR.
They are actually made like a hat, only on a small loom and longer, coming up shin high, from the foot...unless you are a cone head; then they may fit the head! :>)
They remind me of Ugg boots as the are big, made with warm yarn and have a roll at the top and no shaped heel. Truly funky to wear, warm and soft.
I have made fingerless mitts as well, so have a small supply of things started for Oregon donation; useful for next fall and winter.

Think of me pondering the move, and what to take and what to toss...Oh that will be hard to do.

See you soon...I say that every post, and then I drag....

Monday, July 05, 2010

Catch -Up

Catch -Up....this is my new middle name.

No, I'm not talking about that red stuff on the hamburger!

I feel like summer has come so quickly that I am going to have to catch-up each month, on all my projects. I have been lazy so far, but have done a few nice knit things.
One scarf is nearly completed for my youngest granddaughter, for cold country...Walla Walla, WA. I have a scarf started for a friend and finished a lot of hats for donations.

[Washington and Oregon have some interesting place names. Clickatat, an Indian name; Sisters, named for two mountains; Gold Beach...wonder how much gold was washed up there? ]

In paper art there have been some fun challenges.
ATCs and Doodles are always fun!

See you again soon...remember I am catching -up!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whoa...Time Flies!

Whoa!! Could it have been February when I last posted? Time flies when you're having fun...reality check...must remember to post!

I hope that anyone reading this blog will enjoy what I post. It is meant to add something to your day, while giving me the enjoyment of sharing.

Here are some ideas that I received from friends, that might help paper artists. These are tips for padding embellishments on our cards when sending in the mail:
~~Use fun foam, bubble wrap, polyester quilt batting, padded envelopes and if you share a tuck in gift of ribbon; wrap it around the card.

Crazy things happen when you decide to step up the pace...I mean crazy good:
Knifty Knitter Looms are great for producing hats for the sharing that we do. I hope to get some hats scanned and you will be amazed that in the past two weeks I have been able to create 10 hats, [...maybe more. I have lost count!] using the KK. I always sort of thought only knitting or crochet "by hand," was best...I had my eyes opened!
~~If you have tried the KK please let me know how you are getting on.

This month has been busy already, after my sister was here for a nice visit. I have been putting the press get my paper art swaps completed. They are fun to do and this time are quite a variety of projects. I like the many colors and the challenge of different ideas.

March blew in, and Marched away!
~~Doodles are FUN!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oriental Art

Lotus blossoms are a grand art challenge.

I have always loved the look of the whole plant, and many years ago I had a pretty arrangement of dried lotus pods.
Seeing them blooming on a pond in China, near ancient ceramic kilns, was a thrill.
~~~I will be adding more oriental designs to share. The lotus card was done in colored pencils.

In the oriental grocery, this past week, I saw lotus available for cooking. I need to look it up, as I have not a clue of the recipes for this.
The time has come to sort through my rubber stamps as well as the clear stamps, in my messy collection. Having supplies handy should help me to be more creative.

Here's a Valentine Cup of Cheer!

...hope your V-Day was as nice as ours. We loved the performance of the Salt River brass at the Mesa, AZ Art Center.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Birthday Happens...

Nice to have a birthday, but I say: once a year is enough!
I plan to do this only on 2/6 every year!

Boy these suit me to a T, especially #4
[Thanks, Cat]

This discribes the REAL Me--->
"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." A A Milne

I know anyone reading this, is nodding... yes, yes.

I have enjoyed Oriental Art forever.

I just joined a stamping group to do these interesting projects. Luckily have a lot of oriental stamps. My favorite unusual stamps are ones for marking fish boxes from packing houses of the west coast fisheries .
They are Chinese or Japanese graphics. I am not sure which, but they represent names of types of fish. This was a great find at a garage sale.

Another new endeavor is to make some exciting new ideas up with Michael Strong stamps. These should work up well with an Oriental flair. I joined the MS group of talented artists. When I receive my order of 5 of his stamps, I will get started and add a scan on this page.

Back-atcha, soon!